Project Management

More than 60% of all projects fail…

22 Years managing billions in assets and delivering only value. Learn how Paul can help your operation implement a best practice project/portfolio management solution utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies.

Digital Transformation

Every business is NOW a software business.

It is here, are you prepared? Only 3% of all organizations globally are ready with a Big Data solution. Meaning, people, processes, technology, supporting the decision process. Learn how Paul has can support your operation to become digital ready!

ERP Architecture

Everything costs $1m and takes 1 year.

Whether its SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, DelTek, Lawson, AS400, Quickbooks, every company is using something to manage the overall operation. If poorly architected, the solution becomes a loss. With more than 80 successful implementations, Paul can ensure yours is right.

Growth Acceleration

Having the right puzzle pieces allows for hyper growth!

Most organizations focus on re-engineering the operations to affect the bottom line, however, fail to develop reach and impact to generate exponential gains in revenue. Combine this with a margin first strategy, and you have a recipe for growth acceleration.


"Every problem can be solved by leveraging the knowledge of a team with a time tested process"

- Paul Szyarto


During the Assessment Phase, we will complete interviews with key Stakeholders and Team Members and review project and process documentation and the overall health of the operation. We will then develop draft findings to be reviewed with your team based on a proprietary solution maturity model. The Assessment Phase will document the operational current state.

Gap Development

The Gap Development Phase will compare the current state of the operation from the Assessment Phase with industry best practices. Our team will collaborate with your senior leadership to educate what are the industry best practices and define the operational vision and ideal state of operations. The goal is to identify the gap between an actual state of operation and an ideal state of operation and a roadmap on how to achieve that ideal state.


The Roadmap Phase will leverage the output of the Gap Development Phase and include specific transforming steps to ensure success when delivering the solution. The Roadmap will contain a holistic plan to address the improvements relating to organization role definition and training, methodology and processes, technology and tools, and governance and adoption. The final section of the Roadmap will define a detailed approach, estimated budget and supporting schedule for the subsequent Implementation and Adoption Stages.


The assessment identified “what”

The roadmap defines “how” and “when”

50+ Pages and Market Analysis

  • Background
  • Mission, Vision, Strategy
  • Financials
  • Technology
  • Product
  • Delivery Process
  • Branding
  • Marketing and Market Analysis
  • Sales
  • Contractual Targets

Roadmap Report

  • Unbiased assessment of current state
  • Uncover biggest areas of opportunity
  • Clarify strategic vision
  • Define constraints & gaps
  • Utilize predictive data & analytics
  • Deliver efficiencies across organization
  • Progressive execution weighted by impact
  • Unify cross-functional areas
  • Clear path to results

Critical factors first


Success Fee Compensation

  • Integration of delivery with all operational streams
  • Create full visibility of contract delivery
  • Optimization of team for large contract model
  • Introduction of board for government projects
  • Reset the sales strategy based on large contracts
  • Integration with contracting network teams
  • Support with contract creation, negotiation, closure

Capital Raise

Success Fee Compensation

  • Development of Valuation Simulation
  • Creation of PPM strategy
  • Creation of communication strategy for funding agents
  • Integration of BOD into cap raise model
  • Develop a lead generation engine
  • Focus on creating 10 qualified leads per month
  • Focus on strategic investor and silent investor models
  • Support capital raise in 2-5 tranches, at $10m per tranche


Flat Rate Compensation

  • Integration of brand strategy into marketing model
  • Development of marketing strategy
  • Development of current customer communications
  • Rebrand client
  • Setup client websites and funnels
  • Develop a lead generation engine
  • Create visibility
  • Focus on creating 200 qualified leads per month, sites and funnels


Success Fee Compensation

  • Definition of portfololio model
  • Identification of bolt on acquisitions
  • Web crawlers to identify best options for growth
  • Development of acquisition outreach
  • Acquisition discussions and negotiations
  • Financial strategy and closure
  • Development of integration strategy
  • Implementation of stabilization and growth strategy


Flat Rate Compensation or Hourly

  • Solution Architecture
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Production
  • Visualization
  • Integration
  • Project Management


Flat Rate Compensation

  • Mission, Vision, Strategy
  • Development of client Story
  • Development of brand release strategy
  • Rebrand client
  • Development of Board of Advisors

Start working with Paul today


Validation of mutual interest discussion. During this session Paul will discuss the business and ensure it is a fit for both parties so no time, money, or value is wasted. Paul is very selective of the companies he works with due to the value placed on the wealth of time.


Scheduling a discovery session for your company to provide the information needed to support the greatest level of impact for your business. This is typically an 8-16 hour session with rates starting at $1500 per hour or fixed at $20k.


Approach decision with fixed models for analysis findings, roadmap development, or general consulting.