Of startups fail reflecting the high-risk natures of starting a new business, where many factors like market fit, capital, management, and competition play critical roles.

Only 50% of Small Businesses survive 5 years or more and roughly 30% survive 10 years or more.

  • Lack of market demand
  • Innefective planning
  • Failure to adapt
  • Overexpansion
  • Regulatory and legal
  • Inadequate capital
  • Poor management skills
  • Marketing misteps
  • Neglecting customers
  • Burnout

History predicts a 70% failure rate

Success Requires Strategy

The absence of a clear strategy in a company is akin to a ship sailing without a rudder, leading to a lack of direction, a reactive approach to market changes, internal misalignment, and inefficient resource allocation. A well-defined strategy is essential for guiding a company towards its goals, enabling proactive market engagement, ensuring organizational cohesion, and prioritizing resource deployment effectively. Without these elements, companies often find themselves adrift in the competitive business landscape, struggling to maintain focus and achieve long-term success.




Solution: The Impact Model

Refined over twenty-five years by Paul Szyarto, the IMPACT Model stands as a robust framework for strategic implementation, crafted to fortify, expedite, and prime organizations across various sectors for exponential growth. This model has been instrumental in aiding over 600 clients to collectively generate more than $4 billion in revenue and realize substantial cost savings in the hundreds of millions. The success of the IMPACT Model is attributed to its proprietary methodologies, meticulously designed to ensure the attainment of successful business outcomes.


Growth Acceleration

Annual revenue growth by 10-15% and reduction in time to market by up to 20%


2-4 times customer base without significant costs

Cost Savings

Reduction in operational costs by 10%-30% leading to profit margin increases by 5%-10%

Enhanced Decision Making

Up to 25% success rate improvement

Improved Management

Increased employee production by 15%-20% and decision efficiency by up to 30%


Downtime reduction by up to 30%

Revenue Generation

15%-20% Increase within 1-2 transformational blocks

Competitive Advantages

Top quartile positioning

Adapability And Agility

Response time decreases by 30%-50%

Organizational Alignment

Reduction in misalignment by 50% or more


  • Financial Controls and Accounting
  • Law and Regulation
  • Technology Development
  • Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Growth Acceleration
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Communications
  • Negotiations
  • Restructuring
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science







Rates and models

Minimum of 10 hours monthly

Fractional Resources Model

PSG Consulting (PSGC) founded by Paul Szyarto provides a fractional resource model encompassing technical, legal, operational, and strategic expertise, designed to assist your organization in task completion, mentoring, and the execution of strategic initiatives. We offer flexible contracting options, allowing you to engage one, two, or multiple resources as needed to meet your specific requirements.

Can be fulltime or fractional

Project Delivery Model

The PSGC Project Delivery model initiates with a comprehensive analysis of your operations, forming the basis for developing a tailored execution roadmap aimed at facilitating impactful outcomes. Each project is managed by a dedicated project manager, supported by a selection of specialized resources strategically chosen to effectively accomplish the project objectives.

Can be fulltime or fractional

Integrated Employment Model

The PSGC Integrated Employment Model seamlessly integrates PSGC resources into your organization as full-time employees, strategically positioned to rapidly accelerate growth and effectively manage external perceptions of your operations. This model is exclusively available to our partner clientele and executive management team here at PSGC. When the initiative is complete, resources return to PSGC.

  • Rates for the PSGC Fractional Resource Model start at $300 per hour, billed in 30-minute increments depending on the resource level.
  • Project costs are dependent upon business requirements but typically start with an assessment and roadmap ranging from $40k-$100k.
  • The Integrated Employment Model is very unique with minimum compensation structures starting at $300k with equity requirements.

Start working with Paul today


Validation of mutual interest discussion. During this session Paul will discuss the business and ensure it is a fit for both parties so no time, money, or value is wasted. Paul is very selective of the companies he works with due to the value placed on the wealth of time.


Scheduling a discovery session for your company to provide the information needed to support the greatest level of impact for your business. This is typically an 8-16 hour session with rates starting at $1500 per hour or fixed at $20k.


Approach decision with fixed models for analysis findings, roadmap development, or general consulting.