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Dr. Robi Ludwig Talk with Paul Szyarto About His Book Launch ‘Never Broken’

Dr. Robi Ludwig Enjoyed Talking Live with the very inspirational Paul Szyarto, also known as “The Combat CEO”. He talks to us about his tough childhood and how it prepared him to be a success in life and business. We also discuss the top ways...
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What Does Self-Defense Have To Do With Business?

Paul Szyarto, entrepreneur and “Combat CEO” as a guest! Please see a bit more about his background below! He has a super interesting story both in his personal life and as an entrepreneur. Paul grew up in the streets of New Jersey hustling all sorts...
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Battle Royale Over Rightful Heir to Israeli Self-Defense Discipline

By ISABEL KERSHNER NETANYA, Israel — More martial than art, this form of fighting extols the virtues of a poke in the eye and a timely kick to the groin. Its masters insist it is not a sport, because there are no rules, except for one: to survive. Krav...
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