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April 13, 2022

BOSS Names Paul Syarto Chief Strategy Office and Amanda Wild Chief Marketing Officer

BOSS, the data technology powerhouse made up of PhDs and data scientists names serial entrepreneur Paul Szyarto as Chief Strategy Officer and marketing mastermind Amanda Wild as Chief Marketing Officer. The pair have an impressive and proven history of scaling companies’ revenue and profit and promise to further heighten the success of the soon-to-be technology giant.

Serial entrepreneur and technology mogul, Chief Strategy Officer Paul Szyarto, brings his experience leading Microsoft Azure development and decades of consulting experience optimizing the bottom lines of more than six hundred global companies including Goodyear, BP, GE, Kellogg, and many more. He says BOSS’s Federated Machine Learning capabilities are a huge draw to the marketplace. “It’s the only commercially available solution of its kind, allowing organizations to train algorithms across multiple decentralized edge devices,” says Szyarto. “It addresses many privacy concerns users have had about Federated or Collaborative Learning.”

Visionary and innovative marketing and sales expert, Amanda Wild is equally enthusiastic about the product. In her twenty plus years helping corporations maximize their ROI using data-driven strategies and behavior-based marketing, she is thrilled to be on the frontline at BOSS. “Companies no longer need to go through the time-consuming and expensive process of sending their data back to a centralized location to run their Machine Learning algorithms,” Wild says. “With BOSS, we can collect data at the edge and train models at the edge, which saves millions of dollars and directly impacts the customer’s bottom line.”

BOSS CEO Russ Blattner is thrilled to have the powerhouse pair onboard to help the company penetrate the AI market. Blattner says, “With Paul and Amanda onboard we now have the blend of strategy and execution needed on our sales and marketing team to position BOSS as a leader in the Enterprise AI space.”

Over the past 12 months, BOSS has strengthened its capabilities and developed a proprietary Federated Machine Learning solution. Combining this never-before-seen technology with our team of experts, BOSS is uniquely positioned to help businesses in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing and financial services tap into the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost.

The BOSS Data team includes leading AI industry experts and data scientists. Businesses who build an AI culture today will increase market share and build a competitive advantage. In addition to helping companies get more value from their data — BOSS also increases operational efficiency, enhances end-user experience, delivers meaningful insights, and helps future-proof the businesses they work with as they under a digital transformation.


Strategy: Data Readiness Assessments, AI Roadmap Development, Executive Briefings

Solutions: Custom Machine Learning Model Creation, Research and Development

Transformation: Establish AI Centers of Excellence, AI Operations, Enterprise AI Managed Services

Website: askboss.ai

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