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September 25, 2019

BOLD Worldwide Targets McKinsey and Company by Announcing a Massive Expansion Combining Big Data and Corporate Strategy to Its Leading Marketing and Branding Operation

BOLD Worldwide, a leading creative and marketing firm, announced its expansion beyond the advertising industry to challenge the antiquated methods used by traditional consulting firms by unifying and integrating big data, corporate strategy, creative services, and marketing solutions into a predictive driven, cost-effective, end-to-end growth solution for organizations of all sizes.

“For almost fifteen years, BOLD Worldwide supported the growth of some of the most influential brands globally through digital transformation. No matter how much brand value BOLD Worldwide created, there was always a disparity between brand impact and operational strategy. Eighteen months ago, BOLD Worldwide began its journey to eliminate this deficiency by creating a fully integrated solution focusing on brand reach, marketing, strategy, and data analytics that can be deployed immediately to affect our client’s bottom line.” Brian Cristiano, Founder & CEO of BOLD Worldwide.

To bring such a grand vision to life, BOLD Worldwide searched the market for partners who possessed a similar vision and is pleased to announce two new investors, Paul Szyarto, now Chief Strategy & Data Officer, as well as Amanda Wild, Chief Operating Officer. Szyarto brings over 20 years of experience in business transformation, technology, and big data strategy, and is a Lecturer at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania for communications and Rutgers University for data analytics. Wild has more than 15-years of operational and management experience with revitalizing profit margins and instituting integrated systems for various billion-dollar companies including Sierra Nevada Corporation and is a Lecturer at Rutgers University for data-driven operations.

“It’s easy to affect the bottom line of a company through the internal adjustment to people, processes, and technologies, but what happens when this isn’t enough to survive in a highly competitive market? What worked yesterday will not work today,” says Paul Szyarto. “Companies that want to be successful tomorrow need an innovative approach where all aspects of an organization are unified by data. BOLD Worldwide is the only firm offering such a comprehensive and unified solution. Our ability to leverage predictive analytics for business strategy, marketing and storytelling into a single methodology changes the game.”

BOLD Worldwide has also expanded its footprint with offices in New York, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and in London to better serve its clientele with a broader, richer, more accessible team based on a regional deployment model.

“I’ve seen what is possible while leading the teams at BOLD for more than a year. Our operation has always focused on increasing brand value for our clients, but this new business model allows us to move faster, be predictive, and create an exponential impact to the bottom line – we focus on the growth of our clients and in turn, our clients have supported our expansion,” shares Amanda Wild.

The addition of Paul and Amanda as Partners, new service offerings, and global footprint, allows BOLD to quickly and efficiently work with companies in need of organizational change, strategic insights, and full go-to-market support that they can’t get from traditional consulting firms or advertising agencies. “We exist to impact the growth of our clients,” says Cristiano. “This expansion enables us to deliver impact and results at a scale and scope that is unprecedented in the marketplace – something the big consulting firms and ad agencies simply can not do.”

As Featured On: The Daily Times