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May 26, 2017

Sizing Up Big Picture Strategic Challenges…FAST

Paul Szyarto talks about his templates for overhauling businesses, the root of common business problems, and how to identify improvement opportunities.

You’ll Learn:

  1. How to assess root problems quickly
  2. Why identifying current facts is more accurate than relying on history
  3. The underlying source of tremendous confidence

About Paul

Paul Szyarto is a renowned business transformation expert. He is currently the CEO of Campana & Schott Inc., controlling all operations throughout the United States. He holds numerous degrees and certifications, including an MBA from Oxford. He is also a Lecturer at Rutgers University Continuing Education and The Wharton School, a member of the Advisory Board for Argus-Soft and DELCON Construction, and a practicing martial artist. He also teaches Krav Maga and tactical training as “The Combat CEO” at his VMMA franchise locations.

Featured On: How To Be Awesome at Your Job