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June 1, 2014

DELCON Construction: Optimizing Project Management and Increasing Visibility

Headquartered in Jamison, PA, DELCON has jolted the construction market with its flexible platform, easy user interface and ability to integrate almost any other enterprise system on the market.

DELCON disrupts the normal idea of a construction management platform. With a CIO’s current focus on aligning strategies, process and results of their enterprise teams and addressing growing challenges with existing technology platforms, DELCON quickly rises to the top of technology must-haves list.

For too long, CIOs of leading construction companies have relied on separate project and program management, financial management and control systems to manage daily operations. Using separate tools, inhibit full integration of cross-functional program data, which leads to islands of information that make controlling projects, time consuming and costly. What construction companies need is an integrated management platform built to support financial management, project delivery, project controls, operations, document management and reporting in one, user-friendly system, just like DELCON.

“’DELCON is amazing’, ‘the solution is so easy to use’, and ‘finally we have a system that provides an encompassing view of our entire operation’, are comments that drive the DELCON team to continue innovating and exceeding expectations of current and future clients,” comments CEO of DELCON Paul Szyarto. Owned and operated by TPG, a global provider of project portfolio management (PPM) solutions, DELCON is designed to manage large capital projects for companies that require more functionality, usability, and scalability. DELCON not only increases user productivity by seamlessly integrating information from existing enterprise platforms, but also streamlines processes and helps teams stay compliant with industry standards and best practices.

DELCON’s dynamic construction controls and robust enterprise features help clients build their business on a solid foundation. “We help our customers generate high revenue margins and deliver projects on-time and on-budget, because we understand this is what drives a company,” claims Szyarto.

Static data does not allow for quick decision making and forward thinking in a project. With DELCON, executives, decision makers and construction managers can access, view and print the most up-to-date reports to ensure that everyone is aligned on project status, possible delays and open items. Even large projects that require the management of hundreds to thousands of documents can rely on DELCON to create a reliable document structure complete with metadata search features, customized user access and version history.

Construction projects around the world account for trillions of capital being managed and require a solution which is easy to use, adaptable to each project scenario, provides integration with support and enterprise systems, and a holistic view and ability to manage a complete operation. DELCON is the preferred choice for program and project managers to delivery success in today’s demanding market

Paul Szyarto explains, “Our goal with DELCON is to provide our current and future clients with a value added experience when managing operations where everything required is in a single platform which is easily accessed through the web. Some functions of DELCON include, financials, controls, field services, safety, integration to ERPs, mobile applications, adaptability, and more, which are all supported and integrated with Microsoft’s technology infrastructure including SharePoint.”

Article Featured On: CIO Review