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What Does Self-Defense Have To Do With Business?

Paul Szyarto, entrepreneur and “Combat CEO” as a guest! Please see a bit more about his background below! He has a super interesting story both in his personal life and as an entrepreneur. Paul grew up in the streets of New Jersey hustling all sorts...
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Battle Royale Over Rightful Heir to Israeli Self-Defense Discipline

By ISABEL KERSHNER NETANYA, Israel — More martial than art, this form of fighting extols the virtues of a poke in the eye and a timely kick to the groin. Its masters insist it is not a sport, because there are no rules, except for one: to survive. Krav...
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Supporting The Presidential Initiative To Increase Jobs in America

Campana & Schott, Inc. (C&S), an international management and technology consultancy with operations throughout North America and Europe, just announced themselves as a new exclusive re-seller of DELCON technologies. DELCON, which stands for Delivery...
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