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Business Rockstars Video Interview with Paul Szyarto “The Combat CEO”

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Poor Nations Need Help To Use Big Data To Tackle Disease & Poverty

By Nita Bhalla NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From boosting crop yields to controlling the spread of disease, big data analytics is increasingly being used by poor nations to tackle development challenges but a lack of technology infrastructure is slowing efforts, a leading expert has warned. Paul Szyarto, head of the Big Data program…
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How Big Data Can Help Solve Global Problems

By Karen Graham Big data impacts everything around us today, and it is being used to help us understand and solve world problems. Today, climate change has moved to the top of the list of global risks, affecting every nation and disrupting economies. Photo taken by Halldor Kolbeins, AFP. Big data analytics are available to…
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Rutgers Goes Into Combat With Big Data Course

By David Reed If you want to know just how rapidly big data has grown in the last decade, consider the growth of Amazon Web Services. From a standing start, it made $3.1 billion in profit last year, contributing nearly nine out of every ten dollars made by its parent company. Clearly, a lot of…
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