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How To Defend Against An Active Shooter on Fox 29

[embed][/embed] Good Day Weekend goes through active shooter training with The Combat CEO, Paul Szyarto. Paul is also the owner and operator of VMMA in Doylestown, a Martial Arts facility geared towards fitness and self-defense.
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Companies look beyond salaries to entice tech workers

by Karen Talley The tight labor market for tech jobs continues, with just 3,300 IT jobs filled in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' monthly nonfarm payrolls report released Friday. One reason for the low showing could be salary differences between tech workers and companies because “there are more jobs to fill than people,”…
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Got A Million Dollar Idea?

by Paul Szyarto Making a million dollars in today’s economy is more difficult than ever. Years ago, you create a product, service or solution, propose it to the market and become a millionaire. With some hard work and moxie, the American Dream was within reach. Since the Great Recession, however, the new reality is slow…
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What Does Self-Defense Have To Do With Business?

[playlist tracklist="false" images="false" artists="false" ids="2848"] Paul Szyarto, entrepreneur and “Combat CEO” as a guest! Please see a bit more about his background below! He has a super interesting story both in his personal life and as an entrepreneur. Paul grew up in the streets of New Jersey hustling all sorts of side businesses just to get…
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