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EPISODE 69: “SURVIVOR-PRENEURSHIP” AND SHIFTING TOXIC CULTURES WITH PAUL SZYARTO, “THE COMBAT” CEO Paul Szyarto Everyone’s got an idea but not everyone has balls to bring it to market.” – Paul Szyarto On this episode of The Pivotal Leader, Gina Trimarco interviewed Paul Szyarto, a globally recognized expert in entrepreneurship, business leadership and self-defense. He…
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Rise of robots causing physical, mental distress

by Karen Talley The increased use of robots in the workplace is having deeper impacts on employees than originally expected, with physical and mental health deteriorating for some, a study found. The fear that a robot or computer could put workers in the unemployment line may be directly linked to some of these issues, say three Ball State…
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Teleworking continues expanding, along with its fans

by Karen Talley As teleworking, or working remotely, gains further popularity, telling feedback such as data and commentary indicating employees feel more industrious when working this way continues rolling in. Of those with the option to work remotely, roughly half (54%) feel most productive when outside the traditional office environment and in a place such as…
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How to stay in the new boss’s good graces

DEAR KATHLEEN: I’ve been working for the same company for 30-plus years, and I have never had anything less than stellar reviews. My company recently hired someone much younger to replace my former boss, and she is making life miserable! Instead of the plum assignments I’ve had in the past, she has started handing me…
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